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Servo Valve Filter Element Function & Application

Servo Valve Filter Element Function & Application


Electro-hydraulic servo valves are widely used in power plant,steel plants and many processing plants, such as steam turbines, injection molding machines, and die-casting machines. They are now widely used in precision hydraulic systems. Electro-hydraulic servo valves include servo pressure valves and servo flow valves. The brands we often see in the market are BOSCH REXROTH, MOOG, Parker, China's 609, 704 and so on.


Electro-hydraulic servo valve is a key component in electro-hydraulic servo control, so the maintenance of electro-hydraulic servo valve is particularly important! Oil is the blood of equipment. When conditions permit, the contamination degree of the working fluid should be checked regularly. Protecting the cleanliness of the oil is a crucial work. In the maintenance and after-sales of the proportional valve of the electro-hydraulic servo valve, it is necessary to replace the filter element and other accessories regularly.




Common models are the following:

MOOG J761-003 Power Plant

MOOG G761-3033B Power Plant

MOOG J761-004 Power Plant

MOOG G761-3034B Power Plant

MOOG DDV- D633-460B Power Plant

MOOG DDV- D633-319C Power Plant

MOOG 072-559A Power Plant

MOOG 072-1202-10 For Power Plant

MOOG D634-341C Power Plant

MOOG D634-319C Power Plant

MOOG 743F003A, for power plants

MOOG 760N1194 Power Plant

MOOG 760K645B, Power Plant

MOOG G771, G772 Power Plant

MOOG D951Z2205/B Power Plant

STAR 890-DF0056 Power Plant

STAR 650 Series Power Plant

STAR 890-DF0056 Power Plant

SALAMI 2PB26D Power Plant

SALAMI 2PE62D for power plants

MOOG G761-3033B (J761-003) spot power plant

MOOG D633-460B spot power plant

MOOG D634-319C spot power plant

MOOG G761-3004B spot power plant

PARKER PARKER proportional valve, plunger pump, cartridge valve, etc. for power plants

PARKER D31FHE02C1NB00 Power Plant

VICKERS PD060PB04SRS5AAM0S000000 spot power plant

VICKERS PV046R1K1T1NMFC,PV063R1K1T1NMFC for power plant

VICKERS KFDG4V52C70NZVMU1H720, SM4-20 (15) 57-80/40-10-H607H power plant

VICKERS PVH098R01AJ30A250000002001AB010A Power Plant

VICKERS PVH074R01AJ30A250000002001AB010A Power Plant

REXROTH A10VS0100DRS/32R-VPB12N00 spot power plant

REXROTH 4WRPH6C3B12L-2X/G24Z4/M () for power plants

MOOG D661-4070 Steel Mills

MOOG D661-4303E For Steel Mills

MOOOG D661-4538C For Steel Mills

MOOG D661-4594C For Steel Mills

MOOG D661-4636 For Steel Mills

MOOG D661-4640 For Steel Mills

MOOG D661-4651 For Steel Mills

MOOG D661-4652 For Steel Mills

MOOG D661-4697C For Steel Mills

MOOG D661-6428E For Steel Mills

MOOG D633-183B For Steel Mills

MOOG D633-303B For Steel Mills

MOOG D633-308B For Steel Mills

MOOG Servo Valve

G761-3033B (J761-003) spot

D633-460B spot

D634-319C spot

G761-3004B spot

PARKER proportional valve, plunger pump, cartridge valve, etc.

Power plant slag machine proportional valve D31FHE02C1NB00 is in stock

PD060PB04SRS5AAM0S000000 spot


PARKER cartridge valve 631B-4-3/4-2

VICKERS Proportional Valves, Servo Valves & Piston Pumps

KFDG4V52C70NZVMU1H720, SM4-20 (15) 57-80/40-10-H607H



REXROTH proportional valve and plunger pump

A10VS0100DRS/32R-VPB12N00 spot


MOOG 072-559A Power Plant



Bowey specializes in the production of various servo valve filter elements. The filter elements in the servo valve are also called micro-valve filter elements due to their small size. The micro-valve filter element generally refers to the filter element welded by vacuum electron beam, and it can also refer to the filter element whose diameter is less than 20mm, the minimum diameter can reach 5mm, and the length is less than 100mm. It is commonly used in the filtration of hydraulic oil or gas of various precision servo valves in hydraulic and pneumatic control systems. It can replace the bronze powder sintered filter element (the first generation valve filter), the skeleton-coated metal mesh filter element (the first generation valve filter) and the imported wire wound filter element, making the servo system more stable and reliable, and has been widely used in aerospace, Hydraulic machinery, precision machine tools, automatic control and other fields.


Our servo valve filter element characteristics:

1. The welding penetration is large, extremely small tolerances, welding seam strength is high;

2. The welding seam is narrow, generally only 1-1.5mm, which is very suitable for the manufacture of small-sized filter elements (solving the original impossible problem);

3. The deformation is small, the pass rate is high, and the quality is stable;

4. Because the welding is not oxidized, the welding seam is fine, and the components are beautiful;

5. It can replace brands and used military products.



In addition to conventional models, non-standard processing and customization are also acceptable. Bowey servo valve filter element has been widely used in after-sales maintenance of servo valve. It is very popular due to its better cost performance, shorter delivery time, and high-quality and stable filtration performance!

Your satisfaction is our greatest pursuit, Bowey is committed to providing our customers with stable quality filtration products!

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